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There are many different types of load cell available and each one is specialised to a particular job. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that the task needing to be carried out is very well defined so that the correct force measurements can be captured.

Many applications will have only limited amounts of space available for the incorporation of a load cell, and they can also often involve very large amounts of force. In these particular cases miniature, and also subminiature, compression load cells can be used as they are very small. These devices are also very rugged as they are made out of stainless steel. Where accuracy is key there are high performance cells that ensure measurement readings from the device are stable over time.

Other applications will require a type of force measurement that is a lot more sensitive to the minimum and maximum forces along with increments in forces being exerted. For these types of applications, which are typically found in laboratory measurement activities, there are low force sensors, which allow the observer to measure very small forces and also very small changes in force.

More and more processes are becoming automated and also involved robotics. The types of machinery in these processes are often hinged and operate in such a way that both tensile and compressive forces are exerted. Therefore a sensor is required that can measure both type of forces within a single device. Considering that industrial automation, and particularly robotic  automation, is often carried out by small pieces of machinery the load cell required must also be relatively small. There is a range of load cells available in miniature and subminiature sizes, which can take tension or compression measurements, thus only requiring a single force measurement element.

For larger applications requiring both tension and compression measurements there are ‘S’ type load cells available. These devices feature an ‘S’ shaped gauge made out of three sections. The junctions of the devices are designed in such a way as to provide the type of force measurement, i.e. tension or compression, and the size of the force being measured. These devices are ideal for larger scale force measurements, such as those found in the weighing of suspended loads or in hoppers.

Commercial processes often need to measure the weight of a system, but there is a requirement for flexibility of the system to be able to measure the force exerted accurately no matter where the load has been placed on the platform. Platform weighing of loads is too time consuming if the load has to be placed in exactly the right place for the sensor to measure accurately. Therefore there are platform load cells, which have been developed to carry out exactly this role. They are able to provide accurate weight readings of a load placed on a platform no matter where that load has been placed on that platform.

From the information provided above, it is clear that the selection of a suitable load cell must be carefully carried out in order to ensure a match between the force types and sizes to be measured and the type of cell that is put in place.


A Plantronics headset represents the cutting edge of wireless headset technology. Plantronics have been designing and manufacturing wireless headsets since this type of headset first emerged as a general consumer item in 2003. The Plantronics name is synonymous with high quality, great performance and comfort. The headsets that they design and build are ideal for use in the office among other systems due to the digital protocols that are used, but are also a great option for the gamer and the home user.

The systems that Plantronics offer include a combined base station and headset that will allow a single Plantronics headset to be used to respond to a number of phone lines. This means that a mobile, a landline and VOIP services can all be routed into the base station that then transmits the signal on to the headset. This also has the advantage that if the user is busy on one line, the base station can return a busy signal to the other lines for the duration of the call. There are a number of ways of connecting phone lines into the base station. A landline can simply plug into the base station, VOIP services can be connected either via Bluetooth or hard-wired from the host computer, and mobiles can be connected via a Bluetooth link.

The two communications protocols that are utilised in Plantronics devices are Bluetooth and DECT. Each one can be used on its own but they are usually packaged together for office headsets in order to provide the greatest level of capability. Bluetooth is a very familiar technology as it can be used in order to send messages or items between mobile phones. The reason why it is such a successful protocol is perhaps less well understood. Bluetooth, and also DECT, are digital technologies and so are therefore relatively simple to encrypt using Digital Encryption. It is also a simple process to pair devices so that the transmission from a device, or base station, can only be decrypted by the paired headset. This means that all communications will be secure. Unlike Wi-Fi, digital transmissions through Bluetooth and DECT protocols will not interfere with other systems close by, which leads to a simple and effective system for use in busy offices.

In terms of the Plantronics headset itself there are technologies built in that provide high quality sound in many different situations. The main technology that allows this is the noise cancelling technology. The complexity of the technology has a direct impact on the amount of noise that can be cancelled out, and also the type of noise that can be cancelled out. The most basic technology will effectively reduce low level background office noise, but would be much less effective for higher noise levels. Noise cancelling is often particularly important when travelling, particularly by air, and so headsets are often designed so that the noise cancelling feature and the sound feed can be activated independently of each other, thus conserving battery life.


Propecia or finasteride is a medication given to men who suffer from hair loss. Following a 5-year clinical trial carried out by the FDA, from which it was able to get good results, Propecia has had good reviews from users and has become the only drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness to be approved by the FDA.

Male pattern baldness is something that men do not want to happen. Some even lose their confidence once they start losing hair. While getting hair implants is a good idea, most would like their hair to grow back. The latter is of course impossible without drug intervention that is why finasteride is considered by many men as a lifesaver. While those who have used the medication are raving about finasteride, there are men who are afraid to use it because they have read somewhere or heard from some of their friends that using hair growing products will only result to more hair loss.

This is of course untrue to the point that hair experts call this statement a myth. Hair growth products will not contribute to more hair loss so you can use as much of that hair regrowth shampoo as much as you want. Some even say that hair-care products can cause baldness. It is a given that many products are made from chemicals but these chemicals are not strong enough for you to start losing hair. There might be some isolated cases where there is hair fall due to a certain brand of shampoo but this might be because such products are not really ones that are sold in your grocery but something that a friend concocted and he or she put too much of something or it could also be that you are just allergic to it. Allergic reactions do not include hair loss though so this just means that the connection is unfounded.

If you are suffering from hair loss and do not know what to do about it, finding out what is causing it is a good idea. To do this, you should visit your general practitioner asap and tell him or her about the problem. You do not have to take Propecia immediately because there might be other reasons why you are losing your hair aside from male pattern baldness thatPropecia can treat.

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